Metro Doha - Green Line


City: Doha, Qatar
Projecttype: Metro, Infrastructure
Projectsize: six underground stations, two underground twin tunnels with a length of 15 km

The Doha Metro project is part of Qatar’s Integrated Railway Project, an ambitious endeavour to link the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Kingdom of Bahrain and Qatar with a network of freight and passenger transport systems. The Doha Metro will be one of the most advanced rail transit systems in the world.

The Metro Green Line also known as the Education Line, which has both underground and elevated and at-grade sections, will connect the Education City with the Heart of Doha. The Metro Green Line Underground project consists of approximately 15 km of bored twin-running tunnels and six underground stations and was awarded to the PORR/Saudi Binladin/HBK- JV.

In order to meet Qatar Rail’s (BIM) requirements the JV called for HOCHTIEF ViCon to offer a wide range of BIM services during design and construction phases of the project. From the beginning, ViCon’s approach concentrated on the establishment of a functioning BIM team within the JV.

According to ViCon’s Five Components, which have been widely adapted and followed by industry players and competitors, the BIM implementation plan was developed and tailored to specific project needs. It focused mainly on people, but also created a common understanding of the contract conditions, deliverables and project-wide guidelines. ViCon also provided a BIM Manager as key personnel within the JV.

BIM trainings were a crucial part of the scope of works. The client’s team was instructed by ViCon’s specialists on the technical aspects as well as the backbone processes of all BIM deliverables. Trainings covered 3D coordination, 4D simulation and model-based quantity take-off. 3D models prepared by the design team served as a basis for coordination meetings and continuous effort to improve the quality of design and ultimately construction. 4D simulations offered a unique opportunity to analyze the constructability of the proposed design. Scheduling errors were successfully eliminated and all involved stakeholders gained a clear understanding of the construction process.

ViCon left the project after a successful implementation and training that allowed the client to move from little BIM know-how to an independent BIM team. This “Implement & Go” strategy was combined with a structured BIM road map, which has served at Qatar Rail as a blue print for all metro projects to come.


ViCon services
  • BIM implementation concept
  • BIM implementation
  • BIM management
  • BIM training
  • 3D construction progress monitoring
  • Model-based quantity takeoff
  • 3D clash detection

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