Thyssenkrupp Industrial Solutions OU Cement


City: Germany
Projecttype: Plant construction
Projectsize: BIM Team up to 10 people

With this implementation at tkIS, the BIM methodology is introduced to large-scale plant construction. For several years, thyssenkrupp Industrial Solutions (tkIS) has been working with 3D models of all of its plants. The company recognized the BIM potential early on and launched a company-wide BIM implementation strategy.

“We expect the consistent use of digital data and processes to lead to greater transparency and a reduction in non-conformity costs at our projects. Of course, we are also aware of what is happening to the right and left of us. Other players in the wider market environment also work with BIM. The use of the new methodology should ensure our long-term positioning in the market." -  Benjamin Berndzen, thyssenkrupp Industrial Solutions

HOCHTIEF ViCon has been supporting tkIS since 2015. A careful study of the complex requirements of large-scale plant construction and the software systems deployed, which differ from those used at construction sites, enabled the adaptation of the BIM methodology. In a first step, a BIM implementation plan was drafted that focused on the construction of EPC plants with the aim of the company-wide introduction of BIM. Next, HOCHTIEF ViCon developed a BIM strategy, defined BIM use cases, and designed the cross-company data structure as well as the data organization across various systems. In addition, the company worked out definitions of responsibilities and processes of BIM use cases, definitions of technologies, modeling standards, and data management standards. Ultimately, the execution of the three-year implementation timetable began, together with the development and implementation of BIM use cases in pilot projects, including the integration and reorganization of numerous business processes and software systems.


ViCon services
  • BIM Consulting:Creation of a company-wide BIM Implementation plan (incl. Business plan and technology concept) with focus on the creation of systems in the EPC business
  • Creation of a BIM Implementation plan based on a BIM inventory and maturity assessment, as well as assessment of currently used technologies for BIM capability, assessment of existing guidelines/technical contract conditions
  • Development of a BIM strategy/business planning and ROI assessment at company level with definition of the BIM use cases
  • Conception of the cross-company data structure and data organization in different systems
  • Creation of responsibility and process definitions of BIM use cases, technology definitions, modeling standards, attribution/data management standards
  • Setup of a data integration platform and the necessary software development consisting of database, 3D viewer, data analysis systems and other external data sources
  • Implementation of the three-year implementation schedule with design and introduction of BIM use cases in pilot projects with the integration and reorganization of numerous business processes and software systems

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