Office Nord Hilti AG

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City: Schaan, Liechtenstein
Projecttype: office building
Projectsize: GFA: 13.207 m²

The Hilti Group is investing in the upgrading of its headquarters in Schaan and is developing the new "Office Nord" building. Construction was expected to be completed by the end of 2019. The 4-story building was to provide approximately 420 work spaces. The spatial concept has been developed in line with latest insights.

Hilti AG is the principal, owner, and operator of the new office building. BIM is, on the one hand, being used to text selected working methods and, on the other hand, to use the structured data during the operational phase. The Office Nord Project thus focuses on optimizing the execution phase and the use of data in the operational phase. Within the project, HOCHTIEF ViCon consults Hilti with regard to specific questions and provides an on-site BIM Manager, who coordinates BIM implementation and all BIM-related activities of those involved in planning and construction. The manager carries out quality assurance of the models and integrates models and data in a digital platform (database). As a result, HOCHTIEF ViCon creates the necessary conditions for the analysis of the consolidated information in a targeted manner both within the project as well as for additional purposes. For this purpose, HOCHTIEF ViCon has, among others, created a digital room book with reference to the model, has linked the 3D model with the schedule and, on that basis, conducts target vs. actual construction progress analyses. During the course of the project, the model is equipped with the system identification key and is provided with further building technology information. These activities are aimed at increasing planning quality, reducing interface losses and disruptions of construction, detecting delays in construction at an earlier time, providing structured data for operation. 

HOCHTIEF ViCon is also involved in the implementation of a global CAFM system. As part of the project, HOCHTIEF ViCon provides advice on the evaluation of possible systems, the preparation of inventory data, the creation of a data maintenance concept, and offers support in the area of BIM2FM.

© Hilti 

ViCon services
  • BIM management and overall coordination
  • ensurance of quality of models 
  • consolidation of models
  • creation of information models, e.g., for application
    • 3D planning and spatial program
    • 3D room book
    • 3D building documentation
    • 3D facility cadaster
    • 4D construction process planning and progress monitoring
  • consultation in the evaluation process of a CAFM system
  • preparation of inventory data
  • BIM2FM

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