ViCon offers as-built BIM documentation based on laser scans



HOCHTIEF ViCon is proud to announce the extension of its service portfolio in Qatar adding laser scanning and associated as-built documentation on selected projects. Recent advances in hardware technology and Building Information Modeling (BIM) are helping to usher in a new level of scanning utilization for the building construction industry. Scanning technology is becoming a critical function necessary to complete the integrated BIM cycle and provides a clear value-add for the integrated BIM workflow. ViCon has already made good experiences in other markets and is keen to add value to Qatar’s construction industry.

3D laser scanning solutions provide a cost effective and efficient method for gathering existing locations of building components and offer a range of options to satisfy needs for diverse construction projects. The ability to capture detailed information about elements in their physical space allows for more precise use of data. Whether capturing 3D information for coordination and prefabrication, or leveraging the quantity information for estimating and scheduling, laser scanning is surely a necessary endeavor to increase the accuracy of project information. Decreasing hardware costs and increased software capabilities have made 3D laser scanning a competitive advantage to complete integrated BIM cycles and to provide a clear value-add for the integrated BIM workflow.

Recently ViCon secured two new laser scanning projects within Education City in Qatar in which ViCon will be responsible to develop a proper as-built BIM documentation based on 3D laser scanning converted into an augmented BIM model.

HOCHTIEF ViCon is a leading service provider for virtual construction and Building Information Modeling (BIM). In the areas of building construction and infrastructure projects, ViCon assists developers with optimized business processes, project specific BIM standards, full time BIM Managers on site, sophisticated hardware and software solutions.


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