The Nile Corniche Project - ViCon’s involvement extended until end of 2015



The Qatari Diar-Egypt Nile Corniche Project in Cairo is one of the largest con-struction projects currently ongoing in Egypt. The multi-purpose 38-storey building located on Nile’s riverbank in Cairo’s busy city center will include a luxury hotel space, offices, several restaurants and diverse retail areas. Once completed it will be one of the most exclusive locations in the city and will become a 140m-tall landmark shaping the silhouette of Cairo’s city center.

Since 2009, the project developer has engaged ViCon as a BIM consultant, because of the complexity and the size of the project ViCon delivers BIM Implementation, BIM Management and several BIM Services. ViCon teams in Essen, Doha as well as on-site in Cairo support the planning, coordination and monitoring of the construction progress with the help of detailed BIM models. The BIM use cases consist of 3D Design Coordination, 4D Progress and Cost Monitoring, 4D Construction Program Verification and the support in model-based Quantity Take-off, Value Engineering, Marketing and Training initiatives.

The collaborative project setup with the user interface managed by our BIM Manager has so far proven the team benefits and valuable project experiences for all project participants from the project developer to project managers, designers, consultants and contractors. ViCon’s Building Information System allows a remote access to the current 3D model and information and integrates various documents in a database and therefore supports the usage of BIM. The system is continuously used for reporting purposes and it will further support the later operation phase, enabling a true life-cycle approach to BIM.

ViCon’s involvement on the Nile Corniche Project has been extended until the end of 2015 to maintain the good work and the high level of BIM. We are pleased to announce that our committed teams will continue to provide excellent services and stay involved on this prestigious venture.


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