New Research Project "Bridge Inspect"



On behalf of the Federal Institute for Road traffic, HOCHTIEF ViCon is working together with Ruhr University Bochum on the research project "Bridge Inspect". Within the scope of the project, a system is being developed that supports the construction testing of bridges by means of augmented reality and artificial intelligence. The focus is on visual inspection within the scope of DIN 1076.

With the help of this system to be developed, visible damage to the structure of the bridges is automatically detected and evaluated in cooperation with the user. Various challenges must be overcome:

  • real-time AI methods for damage detection and analysis performed on mobile AR systems,
  • interaction concepts with AR systems in an outdoor environment under different operating conditions for the input of additional information,
  • precise location of the AI procedures by incorporating new evaluation results in the course of the construction tests,
  • the improvement of AI procedures through the inclusion of new ones Evaluation results in the course of the construction tests
  • Compliance with the requirements for information security and data protection in the design and implementation of a demonstrator.

The long-term experience of HOCHTIEF ViCon in the development of building information systems and the evaluation and provision of building data forms the basis for the elaboration of the #AR application. Broad practical experience in digital defect management in the planning, construction and repair measures of infrastructure projects form a comprehensive basis for the implementation of the AR-based interaction concept. With its extensive experience in the field of artificial intelligence, the RUB completes the overall package for evaluating the project objective.

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