New EU research project “VR2WEB – Interactive Virtual Immersive Web conference“



HOCHTIEF ViCon is participating in the EU research project “VR2WEB – Interactive virtual immersive web conference”. In the framework of the EFRE (Europäische Fonds für Regionale Entwicklung) ViCon is working with the Technical University of Cologne and hhvision to develop an economic, intuitive VR system for middle sized businesses. The use of “VR2WEB” is intended to increase the effectiveness of the project teams as well as the profitability of a building project.

The focus of the research project at the turn of 2018 is the development of a cloud-based communication platform, in which the BIM models and linked metadata are merged into the physically correct context. The solution to be developed is intended to allow all project stakeholders to utilize the VR equipment and playback technology to virtually log into the 3D model and interact with other participants. This interactive and virtual immersive web conference allows teams to analyze the project at the virtual site and for project optimization.

The five main topics of the project are:

  • The migration of inventory data of different origins into the VR model
  • Handling of graphical data and metadata (BIM) from different CAD applications and integration via a common data formant into the central VR application.
  • The conception and implementation of a web-based interactive VR model
  • Analysis of available „Head mounted displays“ (HMD) and integration of them into the VR application
  • The implementation of a cloud-based communication platform

VR2WEB wants to embed virtual reality in the everyday planning of the construction industry 4.0, as well as make it affordable and attractive, especially for mid-size businesses. Through its VR2WEB initiative, ViCon has repeatedly underlined its great commitment to the field of research and development, and represents itself as a leading industrial partner for international research projects.


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