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These days it’s all about #staysafe – but how about your project information?

As we proved in our role as digital pioneers in over 500 projects worldwide, digitalization is an important factor for success in construction and real estate industry. Although application of BIM methodology constitutes a step towards a more efficient collaboration in projects, it also entails risk.

Since a 2D drawing already contains a lot of information about a built asset, this is clearly increased by adding the third dimension and linking further attributes to the 3D model. Additionally, use of a model facilitates understanding for non-professionals – imagine potential consequences, if such an information-rich model falls into the wrong hands!

It is therefore extremely important to develop an information security approach tailored to project needs. For instance, separated processing and storage of model geometry and attributes is a key factor to control use of project information and to mitigate impacts of unauthorized access.

ViCon recently published two essays in German trade magazine ‘Bautechnik’ to increase awareness on the importance of information security in digitally supported projects, identifying potential risks and introducing possible mitigation measures:

Part 1: ‘Handling of information security in the digitalization of construction projects’

Part 2: ‘Mitigation of security risks by applying the BIM method’

Contact us in case you wish advice in developing an information security approach tailored to your project!


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