HOCHTIEF ViCon is researching rail transport BIM implementation for the German Federal Ministry of Transport (Bundesverkehrsministerium/BMVI)



As part of the "BIM4RAIL" consortium, HOCHTIEF ViCon has been commissioned by the German Federal Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure (BMVI) to provide "scientific monitoring of 13 BIM pilot projects in railway track construction" for Deutsche Bahn.

Under the leadership of "planen-bauen 4.0 GmbH", HOCHTIEF ViCon, as part of the "BIM4RAIL" consortium, will provide scientific support for the BMVI-funded pilot projects over a period of approximately one year and will determine the status and progress of BIM implementation in railroad construction. More than 100 criteria will be examined. Above all, experts will check whether and how the specifications from the "Employer's Information Requirements" (EIR) and the "BIM Execution Plans" (BEP) are implemented. Through the evaluation and comparison of the projects, the Federal Ministry of Transport intends to identify existing obstacles and deficits in the introduction of BIM and develop recommendations for the use of digital methods in rail transport. From 2020 onwards, BIM will be used in all newly planned BMVI projects.

The members of the "BIM4RAIL" consortium include HOCHTIEF ViCon and plan-bauen 4.0 GmbH, Ruhr University Bochum, the Technical University of Munich, consulting firm AEC3 Deutschland, attorneys Kapellmann und Partner, planning companies Schüßler-Plan, Obermeyer, and ZPP-Ingenieure, as well as construction companies Strabag and Jaeger-Bernburg.

HOCHTIEF ViCon is one of the pioneers of digital construction worldwide and has been promoting the widespread introduction of BIM in the construction industry for 11 years. The HOCHTIEF subsidiary is a member of the research consortiums "BIM4INFRA2020" on behalf of the BMVI and "INSITER" on behalf of the European Commission.


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