HOCHTIEF ViCon is developing the Implementation Strategy for future federal high-rise building projects!



The German Federal Ministry of the Interior, for Construction and Home Affairs and the German Federal Ministry of Defense, in coordination with the Federal Real Estate Agency, have commissioned the introduction of the Building Information Modeling (BIM) method for all federal construction projects. For this purpose, the Master Plan BIM for Federal Buildings was already prepared in spring 2021 under the supervision of the Business Office BIM of the Office for Federal Construction Rhineland-Palatinate. As part of a consortium led by Core Digital Engineering GmbH and in cooperation with ACE3 and planen-bauen 4.0 GmbH, ViCon will take over the management of the service package of the implementation strategy, which is to be developed on the basis of the master plan BIM for federal buildings by January 2022. In addition, the service package will also include the conception of a BIM manual for the use of BIM in federal construction projects by October 2022. 

The "Master Plan BIM for Federal Buildings", which has already been written, contains the target picture for the introduction of BIM in federal construction and the BIM status quo. From the difference between this status quo and the BIM requirements, the need for action for the comprehensive introduction of BIM in federal construction is determined. This need for action is taken up by the work package taken over from ViCon for the creation of an implementation strategy and, on the basis of this, defines a concrete roadmap with measures for the implementation of the specifications of the BIM master plan (implementation strategy) as well as working aids, which are intended to give the construction administration in particular, but also the measure takers, confidence in dealing with the BIM method (BIM manual). As part of the BIM manual, sample templates for AIA and BAP are being developed that are tailored to federal buildings. The contents of these templates will be prepared with a view to existing documents such as the AIA sample templates of BIM4INFRA and BIM Deutschland, in the preparation of which ViCon was also previously involved. 

The BIM implementation strategy and the BIM manual will form the basis for the effective operation (pilot phase) and its scientific support as well as for extensive user training.


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