HOCHTIEF ViCon at the "College of Engineering Open Day" in Doha, Qatar



Once a year, the College of Engineering of Qatar University hosts an Open Day at which students present their year-end projects, and enter into active contact with companies. At the booth, shared with HOCHTIEF Solutions, HOCHTIEF ViCon took a look at student projects on May 14, 2012, and joined in the voting for the best projects.

In exchange, the company offered internships, and also extended an invitation–which found plenty of takers–to visit the major construction site, Barwa Commercial Avenue, with shuttle bus, presentation and a group lunch included.

HOCHTIEF ViCon provided a further highlight in the shape of the 3D modeling competition, DOHA 3D. This not only aimed to give students an easier introduction to 3D CAD, but also offered attractive prizes. A survey carried out at the same time found that students in Doha would like more courses on CAD and Building Information Modeling at their university.

For information about the 3D modeling competition DOHA 3D, go to: http://www.bimuserday.com/doha-3d/

College of Engineering, Qatar University: http://www.bimuserday.com/doha-3d/


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