HOCHTIEF ViCon at EXPO REAL 2011 in Munich



The HOCHTIEF experts for Building Information Modeling (BIM) will be at EXPO REAL in Munich again this year. The focus this time is on BIM methods for project developers and building owners. HOCHTIEF ViCon coordinates the exchange of information between those involved in a construction project and makes the relevant data easier to grasp, for instance by means of visualization with 3D models.

HOCHTIEF ViCon's BIM Managers are constantly engaged in medium-sized and large projects all over the world. On behalf of the client or general contractor they standardize data exchange and communication sequences relating to the 3D computer model. This allows even highly complex projects to be depicted vividly and enables errors to be identified and eliminated at an early stage.

During construction work, the BIM specialists continue to advise the project participants and provide instruction in BIM methods. This comprehensive support enables clients to enjoy the benefits of Building Information Modeling right from their very first project. Transparency for building owners and project participants is increased significantly, thus making it easier to take the right decisions. At the same time, much more extensive documentation is obtained with very little extra input.

The interactive monitors at our shared exhibition booth with HOCHTIEF Solutions AG will show you how to get a much better grip on your project, right away. Visit us at EXPO REAL 2011!

EXPO REAL, Munich,
Neue Messe München
Exhibition Booth 140, Hall B1

October 04 - 06, 2011 9.00 - 19.00 hours daily

Or contact us to arrange a meeting: + 49 201 824-3060

We would be delighted to welcome you in person.

©Expo Real 

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