HOCHTIEF ViCon at EXPO REAL 2010 in Munich



For the sixth time already HOCHTIEF ViCon is taking part in the EXPO REAL in Munich, the international trade fair for commercial property and investment. With its excellent know-how in Building Information Modeling (BIM) the company will showcase itself at one booth together with HOCHTIEF Construction. Based on the available technology developments in the software business the BIM experts of HOCHTIEF ViCon create and implement more efficient ways to use BIM beneficially during the development and realization of projects as well as facility management.

HOCHTIEF ViCon links current visual and numeric information of many stakeholders in one building information system. Based on this, modules are generated that make the necessary information accessible when required without overwhelming the client with data. The cost estimate is made easier by the visual comparison alternatives at an early stage. This saves time and money because the performance risk decreases and the construction quality increases significantly. Clients of HOCHTIEF ViCon can answer their questions faster, more securely and more accurately.

The company will among other things present its newly developed 3d viewer on two interactive LCD touch monitors at the EXPO REAL. We are pleased to show you this innovation of HOCHTIEF ViCon live on-site. Visit us at our booth at the EXPO REAL 2010.

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