HOCHTIEF ViCon advises German Federal Government for BIM implementation - guidance documents for government agencies published



German Federal Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure (BMVI) published guidance documents prepared by BIM4INFRA2020* consortium for building authorities. HOCHTIEF ViCon is member of the consortium advising the ministry since 2016 on implementation of Building Information Modeling (BIM) for federal infrastructure (rail, road, waterway). The guidance documents developed by HOCHTIEF ViCon enable contracting authorities for tender, contracting and execution of BIM services. Contractors also can access the documents and benefit from them (available only in German). These documents are a major stepping stone in work package 4 of the assigned implementation of the road map „Digital Planning and Construction“.
René Schumann, Managing Director HOCHTIEF ViCon: “Providing the guidance documents is a big step towards clarity on requirements, all parties involved in the supply chain -planning, building and operating of future infrastructure projects- should get ready for. Now they can develop suitable strategies to implement BIM-methodology in their regarding organization.”

Following guidance documents were developed:

• Basics and overall BIM process
• Manual and Sample for Employer Information Requirements (EIR)
• Manual and Sample for BIM execution plan (BEP)
• Manual for performance specification
• Sample special contract conditions BIM
• Factsheets for key BIM use cases
• Guidance BIM discipline models and Level of Development – LOD
• Guidance overview on neutral data exchange
• Guidance data exchange with Industry Foundation Classes (IFC)
• Guidance BIM related technologies

Find the documents (only available in German) here: https://bim4infra.de/handreichungen/

HOCHTIEF ViCon is considered a digital construction pioneer in Germany and campaigns for nationwide BIM implementation in construction industry since many years: being part of national and international research projects, committees work with national and international organizations (e.g. VDI, buildingSMART Deutschland und buildingSMART International), providing training (certified BIM courses) or individual BIM-events. The HOCHTIEF-sister company executed more than 500 BIM projects worldwide.

In December 2015 the BMVI presented the BIM road map to make planning and construction in Germany more efficient, more transparent and more manageable. The road map defines steps and methods required for BIM implementation in Germany. From 2020 onwards all new projects in responsibility of BMVI should use BIM on a mandatory base. HOCHTIEF ViCon being partner of both consortiums BIM4Infra2020 and BIM4Rail advises and supports employers as well as contractors regarding implementation of BIM methodology with a concept of training focused on knowledge building and future BIM certification of relevant personnel.

*consortium members „BIM4INFRA 2020“ are: planen bauen 4.0, Ruhr-Universität Bochum, TU München, Kapellmann, Obermeyer Planen + Beraten, AEC3 Deutschland, HOCHTIEF ViCon, Max Bögl, WTM Engineers, Erste Lesung, interactive instruments Gesellschaft für Software-Entwicklung


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