HOCHTIEF ViCon: Co-initiator and organizer of 1st BIM User Day in Qatar



Company expanding collaboration with academic institutions in the region.: The first in the "BIM User Day" non-profit event series–covering various aspects around Building Information Modeling (BIM)–took place in Qatar on May 22, 2012. Amongst the 150 attendees from around 80 companies were esteemed members of the academic and business community, including Dr. Mazen Hasna, Dean of the Engineering Colleges at Qatar University and René Schumann, Managing Director of HOCHTIEF ViCon Qatar, one of the co-organizers of the events.

"BIM is an effective method for managing construction projects during their entire lifecycle, from design to facility management. As organizers, we hope to empower the industry in Qatar to meet the future demands of Qatar's growth," says co-organizer Dr. Khalid Naji from Qatar University.

The planned events organized in collaboration with the Universities of Qatar and Teesside University in UK will focus on processes, people, technology and guidelines–the four important components for the successful deployment of BIM, and the core of HOCHTIEF ViCon's business strategy.

The first event explored the impact of BIM on existing business processes for design, construction and operation of construction facilities. As part of the education collaboration being promoted by the organizers; students of Qatar University's Engineering and Architecture programs performed a brief role play, illustrating the practical applications of using BIM products. The participants, including experts from HOCHTIEF ViCon Qatar, presented proven and new processes around 3D models, explained the current market situation, and made forecasts for the future. "A problem is half solved if it is clearly stated. That is one of the main reasons why our industry needs 3D models for the entire project lifecycle", says René Schumann, Managing Director, HOCHTIEF ViCon Qatar, explaining the importance of 3D models for the entire industry.

These events are an important step in bringing together regional experts and interested parties from all over the world. HOCHTIEF ViCon therefore intends to increasingly involve students and young professionals as well to be better prepared for the growing demand of BIM services in Qatar and to help in developing required industry standards in the region.

More information is available on our website: http://www.bimuserday.com


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