Development of a joint platform in the research project "Infra-Bau 4.0"



HOCHTIEF ViCon is involved in the development of a joint #platform in the #researchproject "Infra-Bau 4.0" together with 15 other consortium partners. The project started already in summer 2020 with the aim of enabling continuous (semi-) automatic re-planning of construction project tasks based on digital planning and digital planning model live data (BIM live data). Now the website for "Infra-Bau 4.0" has also gone online. It provides a basic understanding of the project. In addition, visitors can learn how to benefit from the results and follow the project steps.

It is planned to develop a platform that enables the direct mapping and networking of all in a construction project involved partners with their systems, data and processes. Changes to plans and changes to the current status across all hierarchy levels of the construction site are included and distributed to the digital ecosystem. This saves money, time, energy and resources in construction projects.

The consortium of the project comprises a total of 16 partners from the scientific and industrial sectors. Drees & Sommer will take over the lead of the consortium. Technical and scientific management is the responsibility of the Fraunhofer Institute for Experimental Software Engineering IESE. HOCHTIEF ViCon brings its long-standing national and international experience in implementing BIM in organizations and projects into the project and supports the processing of work packages 1, 5, 6 and 7.

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