D-CAT - our new collaboration R&D project



We are happy to announce that we, HOCHTIEF ViCon, started a new R&D project with the Swedish Transport Administration Trafikverket in collaboration with the Blekinge Institute of Technology. Trafikverket is responsible for long-term infrastructure planning for road, rail, shipping and aviation transport. Belkinge Institute of Technology is a Swedish university with distinctive focus on IT and innovation for sustainable growth.

Together we are working on the D-CAT project, which stands for Digital Collaboration and Automized Tracking of information. This project focuses on Requirements Management and aims to design methods for the exchange and archival of digital information, as well as to streamline the communication between different stakeholders throughout the life cycle of an infrastructure project.

D-CAT kick-off took place in March, project participants from all partners met digitally following the Covid-19 precautionary measures. The project is setup for the next 2,5 years and divided into 9 work packages. They start with data collection and analysis and finish with guidelines and recommendations documentation.

Initial focus of the project is set on work package 1 covering data collection based on setting up and conducting structured interviews with design experts as well as analyzing assets. In parallel, work package 3 is in preparation. This work package is about structuring project data and client’s asset database to make submissions and transmittals easier.


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