"BIM goes mobile" with HOCHTIEF ViCon at EXPO REAL 2012 in Munich



iPads and similar devices are finding their way into the construction industry. Acceptance protocols, photo documentations, quality checks and many other items can be produced with mobile end devices using digital forms. Once recorded with a direct link to a 3D model and centrally saved, the latest data are available live and on-site to the specialist construction manager for quality management. The later allocation of photos or the transfer of notes becomes unnecessary. At the same time, project management receives up-to-date building information for monitoring and reporting purposes.

Mobile end devices and the applications available continue to develop at great speed. Today, sophisticated applications can be created that map a given project's specific structures and processes.

Mobile end devices can be used in project management to deal with complaints and subcontractor management or to monitor construction progress. In project marketing and customer communication, iPads and iPhones with interactive project inspections or interactive maps and floor plans become mobile ambassadors for your project.

Allow the handhelds and interactive monitors at HOCHTIEF Solutions AG's joint booth to show you the technical possibilities that are available by combining Building Information Modeling (BIM) and mobile end devices such as smartphones and Tablet PCs. Visit us at the EXPO REAL 2012!

EXPO REAL, Munich,
Neue Messe Munich
Hall B1, Booth 140


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