BIM Show Live 2015 - The reflection



What do a T-Rex and BIM have in common? They were both the stars of this year’s largest industry conference for BIM in the UK - BIM Show Live 2015. Over 700 BIM specialists and industry peers gathered for two days in Manchester to discuss, exchange and evaluate the latest trends and developments on the BIM market.

The industry’s general tune “now it’s time to prove it” was overall positive, but definitely more down-to-earth and less high-spirited than during the previous shows. It seems that after the first BIM-hype some realistic approach became more and more evident within the AEC industry. BIM benefits are not the same for everyone and the differentiated look at the various players’ benefits dominated most of the delivered presentations.

HOCHTIEF ViCon’s International Operations Director René Schumann presented “4D and 5D modeling for the purpose of progress monitoring and quantity take-off for underground metro projects” highlighting the need of a 3D model-breakdown-structure, rule-based quantity take-off and how to collect progress from site with an interface to a 4D model. He also emphasized the importance of a collaborative approach to analyze and use 3D data. The presentation was well received by a considerable audience, which mirrored ViCon’s growing recognition in the UK market.

Although the majority of the represented companies confirmed to be ready for BIM Level 2, which will be mandatory in the UK on all public sector projects by 2016, the broad industry still lacks specific conventions, common data sets or the mandatory structural unity. The ambitious Level 3 program was re-phrased to “Digital Built Britain”. The initiative will enable the interconnected digital design of different elements in a built environment and will extend BIM into the operation of assets over their lifetimes.

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