“BIM Policy – one Industry, one Language”: 4th Qatar BIM User Day



The fourth “BIM User Day” in the event’s non-profit series covering various aspects of Building Information Modeling (BIM) took place at Qatar University (QU) in Doha on the 24th of February 2014. 210 industry experts and participants from various countries attended the event. Therefore the BIM User Days are currently considered the biggest BIM knowledge platform in the Middle East. Nearly all attendees from 95 companies considered the event as a great success. The immense interest and growing number of attendees over the past two years have shown that the demand for BIM services in the region is continuously increasing.

Following the success of four BIM User Days since 2012, the organizing partnership of Qatar University and HOCHTIEF ViCon, in collaboration with Teesside University UK, is well on the way to advancing an important platform for BIM knowledge transfer in Qatar and the Middle East. The 4th installment themed “BIM Policy: one industry, one language” addressed the development of common standards for BIM in contracts and guidelines up to project level. Speakers as well as participants were unanimous on the importance and the challenges of a “one language” approach which will require matching the expectations of industry and government with practical deliverability. 94% of the participants confirmed the need for the implementation of BIM standards and guidelines in Qatar and 92% would like to see BIM being mandated on large scale projects in Qatar as well as in the region.

The organizers see these BIM User Days as an invaluable opportunity to bring together regional experts and interested parties from all areas of the industry. Another important objective of the event is to involve students and young professionals not only to be prepared for the growing demand of BIM services in Qatar but also to be able to assist in developing the required industry standards in the region. In combination with the three previous events the four important components for a successful deployment of BIM have been introduced; Process, People, Technology and Policy, also defining the core of HOCHTIEF ViCon’s business strategy.

René Schumann, ViCon’s General Manager endorsed the overwhelming success paired with the industry’s request for more comparable events with the following statement: ‘The BIM interest in Qatar is steadily increasing and therefore an important motivational factor to proceed. The success of the BIM User Day is sure to continue.’

4th Qatar BIM User Day statistics


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