5th Qatar BIM User Day to spur BIM excellence



We are excited to announce that the 5th Qatar BIM User Day will be held on Thursday November 5th, 2015. The topic of the day will be: “BIM Implementation and Management” focusing on the four major components of Building Information Modeling: process, technology, people and policy. So far each event provided expert presentations on one component, allowing in-depth audience discussions and participation. The fifth edition will merge all four components under the roof of BIM management and emphasize the importance of BIM Implementation.

Since 2011 HOCHTIEF ViCon, Qatar University and Teesside University have proudly taken the initiative to facilitate modern and innovative methods in the gulf construction industry via research programs and the series of BIM User Days. This unique nonprofit series has been an invaluable opportunity to bring together regional experts and interested parties from all areas of the industry, and to increasingly involve students and young professionals to be prepared for the growing demand in Qatar and the Gulf. It developed into the biggest local BIM event in its format.

“The demand for BIM services in the region is steadily growing, as all major projects now demand BIM”, stated Christoph Weber, HOCHTIEF ViCon’s Managing Director in Qatar.”Most international consultants and contractors have proficient BIM teams, however, even those capacities are reaching their limits. We need to boost the local BIM education to ensure a steady flow of young skilled BIM professionals. The BIM User Days are ViCon’s part in making Qatar the center of BIM excellence in the Gulf.”

To register please visit the website: www.bimuserday.com


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