10 Years ViCon – 10 BIM use cases



How much BIM is necessary on a project? At what project stage is BIM most effective? Why should my company implement BIM? Does BIM correspond to my business model? All these questions are generally difficult to answer, as companies, projects and use cases tend to differ a lot. Use cases – what does it mean? Is BIM not the same for anyone anywhere? If you look at it that way, no, it’s not.

BIM use cases describe the purpose of BIM applications on a project. The selection and prioritizing of BIM use cases also controls the level of complexity of the desired BIM implementation. The investment necessary for modeling and data compilation may be counterbalanced with the company and project requirements.

BIM use cases feature user-specific and user-relevant working results on user-friendly graphical or numeric dashboards.

Focusing your BIM application on specific BIM use cases is essential to:

  • Evaluating costs and benefits on the basis of project conditions and avoiding unnecessary investment for inadequate level of detail and non-relevant BIM aspects
  • Conveying detailed requests from the generated information and applied data structures
  • Coordinating BIM applications with various users and enhancing communication
  • Facilitating an easy access into new operation methods while reducing complexity
  • Supporting focused selection of particular use cases

We decided to celebrate ViCon’s 10 Years anniversary sharing our BIM knowledge, staring with our own hit list of the most important / most common BIM use cases:

1. 3D Visualizations
2. 3D Modeling
3. 3D Model based Quantity take-off
4. 3D Design Coordination
5. 3D Design Review and value Engineering
6. 4D Construction Sequencing
7. 4D Progress Monitoring
8. 5D Cost controlling and Monitoring
9. 3D As-Built Dokumentation
10. Field BIM

For further explanation and information to BIM use cases, please contact us at vicon@hochtief.de. We will be glad to support you with the BIM implementation on your projects or your company.


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