BIM Training

Empower project participants and employees


Would you like your company to become BIM capable?

We would be more than happy to conduct a company-tailored BIM training course for you.

HOCHTIEF ViCon will support you in the development of customized training concepts that are based on your business processes as well as in the execution of training courses. As a certified training provider, in accordance with BuildingSmart and planen-bauen 4.0, we offer university certificate courses as well as specialized BIM corporate training.

Are you interested in gaining initial insight into the world of BIM?

We recommend that you take the BIM Basic Course (e-learning).

The BIM Basic User course is designed for all, who would like to understand the current discussions around the digitalization in the construction industry as well as the contents and backgrounds of modern BIM methods. In partnership with the Academy Ruhr-Universität Bochum, we offer a professional learning platform with eight learning modules and over fifty digital flash cards. Self-determined learning is possible at every time. Upon successful completion, you will receive the internationally recognized certificate „Professional Certification – Foundation – Basic knowledge“ by buildingSMART International.


Becoming a BIM professional is your goal?

We can certify you as a BIM Professional.

Since April 2016, the part-time certification course "BIM Professional" has been offered in Germany. As well as practical relevance, the course covers fundamental skills in the areas of technology, processes, human resources and guidelines. Participants will learn how projects are delivered efficiently with BIM based on of proven methods and tools.

BIM Basic e-learning: Program

E-learning modules at a glance

Ruhr Universität Bochum
BIM Basic e-learning

Module 1 Overview BIM
Module 2 BIM benefits and project examples
Module 3 BIM applications and objectives
Module 4 BIM implementation and objectives
Module 5 BIM implementation in companies and project teams
Module 6 Type of application and standardization of BIM
Module 7 Object-oriented model structure and coordination
Module 8 Legal basics and perspectives

BIM Professional: Our Partners

Intensive BIM training in university cooperation

The Academy of Ruhr-University Bochum in collaboration with HOCHTIEF ViCon has offered courses since April 2016. Passing a final examination, participants receive a certificate of the Academy of Ruhr-University Bochum, which identifies them as qualified “BIM Professional” experts.

The TUM Institute for LifeLong Learning of the Technical University of Munich has also offered the course in collaboration with HOCHTIEF ViCon and the Chair for Computational Modeling and Simulation since May 2017. Passing a final examination, participants receive a certificate of the TUM Institute for LifeLong Learning of the Technical University of Munich, which identifies them as qualified “BIM Professional” experts.

BIM Professional: Program

The current seminar program at a glance

Ruhr Universität Bochum
Winter semster
10.11.2021 – 08.04.2022

Module 1 - Physical Presence Introduction to BIM, creation of 3D models, change management
Module 2 - Online Systematic implementation of BIM, law and contracts, Technology, Modeling and Data Management
Module 3 - Physical Presence BIM in planning, execution and operation
Module 4 - Physical Presence Use of new technologies, presentations and final audits

Technische Universität München
Winter semester
01.12.2021 – 25.02.2022

Module 1 - Online BIM Big Picture, BIM data exchange, process modeling, data management and modeling structure
Module 2 - Physical Presence EIR / BEP, BIM tools, 4D/5D modeling, BIM in building operations, construction site management
Module 3 - Online Legal basics for BIM project management, work process in FM, Change Management, BIM for existing buildings
Module 4 - Physical Presence BIM with Lean, Lean Construction, InfraBIM, BIM major projects, final exam

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