New BIM roles: BIM Manager



The essential components of BIM that form a successful BIM Implementation are process, people, technology and policy which are brought together by the fifth component of management.

Being the virtual representation of the real facility, the digital BIM model requires the team members to produce, manage and deliver more precise and detailed information early in the project. This is often difficult to fulfill by a standard construction team. Processes are constantly changing, new ones must be introduced, alternative technologies are required and contracts need to be adapted for more collaborative work processes. This creates the need for BIM Manager - a specialist who can manage, control and coordinate the flow of information as well as support the teams with BIM Implementation process.

BIM Managers combine their management experience with their IT skills to lead and coordinate BIM processes in a project. Providing software independent BIM Management and training services, which are ViCon’s core competencies, have proven to be a key success factor to establish and manage BIM in projects. Leading the implementation of BIM within the project is one of the key responsibilities of the BIM Manager, along with:

  • Defining data exchange procedures and ensuring interoperability
  • Developing, implementing and managing BIM standards in a project
  • Coordinating and supporting project participants to ensure seamless information flow
  • Advising project management on suitable BIM application in a project
  • Assessing, planning, resolving and monitoring BIM related issues within the project
  • Conduct internal training sessions to exchange BIM knowledge

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