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According to our definition at ViCon, there are three different BIM roles on a project: BIM Manager, BIM Engineer and the BIM Modeler. The BIM experts are the key to use BIM on a project successfully. While many people may be using BIM and entering data, the experts lead the implementation, manage the processes and perform the BIM services.

A BIM Engineer is responsible for one or more BIM use cases on a project, such as Clash Detection, or the linking of the time schedule to the CAD objects. He maintains the BIM software, prepares and supervises the BIM data within the databases. Other than the BIM Manager, the Engineer will work closely with the specialist departments such as procurement, design or planning.

Consequently, a BIM Engineer should have fundamental technical skills and knowledge, and a certain amount of experience in specific business processes. The BIM Engineer is not the first point of contact when it comes to BIM on a project, but he or she works close with the project team and will step up when it comes to technical details. That makes the BIM Engineer an indispensible part of a successful BIM project team.

There is no strict hierarchy that follows from our definition of BIM roles. However, the BIM Manager is more of a generalist. He is concerned with overall policy, process management, monitoring and reporting. A BIM Modeler, on the other hand, is more specialized than the BIM Engineer. He is tasked with the detailed creation or modification of a 3D model.

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