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Constructing a facility is a continuously evolving process and so is its digital modeling. Different levels of information are desired by project participants at different stages of the project. This result into varieties of BIM models, delivering the output required at a particular time in the project. With a wide experience of using, managing and implementing BIM, HOCHTIEF ViCon defines six important model types. Each model type builds upon its predecessor.

3D schematic model

It is a BIM model in its simplest form having only the volumetric presentation of geometries, the location of main utility rooms and the property site. Its main purpose is to verify the building regulations, study the building with site surroundings and coordinate the general building design at a very early stage.

3D marketing model

This model is the face of the project for media. It is used for creating visualizations that help understand the project better and can be further used to showcase the project to potential buyers, tenants or users.

3D design model

It is the model that is created when the conceptual design gradually becomes more detailed. Its purpose is to support the design development. It can also be used to detect clashes between different disciplines such as structural, architectural, mechanical, electrical and plumbing.

3D quantity model

This model helps with the quantity take-off to support the tender, to estimate the possible costs to calculate the financing, or to visualize the scope of the project in as much detail as needed. In order to achieve this, the 3D quantity model will reflect the bill of quantities and has accurate information about quantities, location and orientation.

3D fabrication model

It is the model that a construction firm can begin the execution with. Its key purpose is the construction sequencing and the progress and cost monitoring. It gives an impression of the actual design and planned progress and has accurate information about the building elements, reflecting the project schedule. If used and updated consistently, this model can also be a major resource for collecting as-built data.

3D asset model

It is the model for the owner and facility manager. It gives the accurate information of the as-built data. All model objects have their as-constructed information about quantities, shapes, location, orientation and maintenance specifications. With the use of Augmented Reality technologies, this model can further be utilized to enhance the real-time operations and maintenance. To know more about the HOCHTIEF ViCon products that enable the creation of these models, click here ...


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